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We live in a world that has been designed. Everything we see, taste, touch, or experience has been shaped, crafted, and designed either by humans or by nature. But not everything we see and experience has been designed with all of us in mind. I believe that products, services, and experiences should be designed foremost for accessibility, utility, and with human creativity in mind. I like to design experiences that can be played with, interacted with, and with which users can build their own stories and create their own novel experiences. I am fascinated by material science and by the ways in which materials both new and old can be used to shape user experience. I am also passionate about experiments that can be conducted using design frameworks, and exploring how design concepts and frameworks can be applied in environments for which they may not have been originally conceived. In short, I am passionate about design, whether it be visual, practical, or mechanical. I am excited by opportunities to collaborate with others to create new kinds of experiences that are empathetically designed with humans in mind. I also believe that experimentation and iteration are key to any great design. My design and illustration work includes 3D models, animations, games, logos, iconography, laser-cut tchotchkes, and a host of marketing materials. I typically use Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, Maya, or Unity for this work. I am excited to learn about new materials, technologies, and approaches to design work.

NOTE: Due to the licensing, sensitivity, and present use of certain designs (e.g., UI/UX mock-ups for peer-to-peer mental health interventions, neighborhood transit services designs), not all current designs are shown here. 

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