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Project Type

A storytelling game that uses pattern recognition, symbol detection, iconic perception, and common core vocabulary to support English-language learners of all ages

Project Description

I designed, illustrated, produced, and presented an educational game for early learners and early-childhood educators; I continue to produce new deck versions for different classroom types and learning stages, including unique game components (i.e., external story boards for ESL students, add-on booster packs for specific subjects, etc.).


Young learners are highly variable both as individuals and between and among age groups. A single year can make the difference between a reader and a student who needs a heavier visual approach. For this reason, this game is tiered for different age groups and multiple versions are available depending on classroom and student needs; each version accounts for unique differences in cognitive development and learner approaches.  

I have play-tested Grammatical Nonsense with numerous classrooms and am now preparing for a Kickstarter campaign. Stay tuned for more information!


Technical Skills Used

Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Universal Design


Project Name

Grammatical Nonsense

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