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Our values are more important than our CVs. They guide us in making ethical decisions that leave lasting impacts on our environments and on each other. As an artist, creator, and human being, my core values are . . .


Our work means little without the inclusion of diverse perspectives, voices, and ideas. We are intersectional and dynamic organisms whose uniqueness must be nurtured and incorporated into our environments. I have sought to have diverse experiences and perspectives in my life, and for that reason you will find that my work has carried me to many different professional and creative areas. 


As scientists and scientific beings, data informs our beliefs and decisions. Research is vital to the progress, health, and safety of our communities. Ideas are meant to be questioned, and data provides a foundation for questioning assumptions of all kinds. Everything we do we do with the support of data. We should always seek to gather more data to verify and examine our beliefs and draw new conclusions. 


Kindness breeds empathy, compassion, and collaboration, which are bedrocks of healthy and productive communities. Kindness means inclusion, lifting each other up whenever possible, and being open to the possibility that our assumptions are not always spot-on. I prefer to participate in projects and activities that are built first on a foundation of kindness for our selves, each other, and for those who will come after us.


Creative thinking is essential to every action we take, whether new or old. Creative exploration drives innovative ideas, experiments, and discoveries. Creativity means being open to new ideas, even if they appear at first to be uncomfortable or strange. It also means trying new ways of accomplishing everyday goals, and holding ourselves and each other responsible for thinking boldly and creatively to solve problems new and old. 

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